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CAD Productions is specialised in producing documentaries that address sustainable human development challenges. Our slogan, stories that inspire change, reflects the spirit of our social documentary production company that was primarily created to showcase successful stories of communities and individuals achieving development goals.


We gain extra impetus and depth by being able to call upon the development expertise of our parent company, the Centre of Partnerships for Development (CAD in Spanish). CAD is a consultancy firm with a wide network of international experts committed to human and sustainable development sharing the common belief that promoting partnerships is a need to find innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges.


We are story-tellers and experts in providing innovative audio-visual pieces in the field of development cooperation. Given the increasing complexity of global interaction, we have developed a unique capacity to translate complex and technical issues into clear and inspiring video messages in an easily understandable manner for all types of audiences.


Through images and audio-visual products, we create spaces for reflection, awareness raising and applied research enhancing an interactive and participatory debate with society. Topics include social innovation, poverty eradication, entrepreneurship, urban development, universal access to primary education, countries affected by conflict and transition to peace, gender equality, health, migration and multiculturalism, among others.

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We believe that positive stories can inspire other agents of change around the world. Using the power of audio-visual and digital tools, we promote change and raise awareness with the intention of enhancing development impact and social transformation.